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Good Day Alabama (HD, New) A morning newscast, features of interest in the Birmingham area, updates on sports, weather and current traffic are provided by the FOX 6 News Team.
LIVE with Kelly and Ryan (HD, New) Cheryl Hines discusses the television series "This Close"; Lettia Wright discusses the fantasy-science fiction film "Black Panther."

A Different World Risk Around the Dollar (TV-PG) After Whitley cannot afford to make her rent payment, she tries to find a job, however after little luck she decides to host a party to raise money.
A Different World A Word in Edgewise (TV-PG) Kim and Matthew want to learn to appreciate their differences; Dwayne bets Whitley that she can't go without speaking for an entire day.
The Cosby Show Food for Thought (TV-PG) Clair questions Cliff's health and challenges him to eat low cholesterol food for one day; the whole family helps Denise prepare for college.
The Cosby Show Golden Anniversary (TV-PG) The Huxtables prepare a party for Russell and Anna's 50th wedding anniversary; Sondra and Elvin arrive at the house, but can't seem to do anything but argue.
Half & Half The Big Doormat No More Episode (TV-14) Mona gets bombarded with demos, so Dee Dee tells her to be assertive, but she regrets her advice when Mona refuses to listen to her boyfriend's tape.
Half & Half The Big Who's Wooing Who Episode (TV-14) Mona gets a job offer from a rival record company, so she turns to her father for advice; Big Dee Dee decides to plan a lavish birthday party for Drew.

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Doc Fabrique's Greatest Case (TV-PG) After discovering from Doc Fabrique that his mule has been poisoned, Shotgun Gibbs goes after the men responsible before Wyatt Earp can stop him.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Actress (TV-PG) Marshal Wyatt Earp investigates when a man is found dead after the famous actress Cora Campbell arrives in Dodge City, causing a stir among the men.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Love and Shotgun Gibbs (TV-PG) Shotgun falls in love with an attractive blonde woman, while Earp is warned a train will be robbed and the leader's blonde sister is in town to help.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp The Cyclone (TV-PG) When word gets out that a cyclone is headed straight for Dodge City, Shotgun Gibbs is skeptical while Mayor Kelley and Dr. McCarty begin making preparations.
Laramie The Road to Helena (TV-PG) Slim is in Cody where he meets a bar maid and her father, who ask Slim for him in guiding them to Helene, Montana; the father wants to return money he stole.
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