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Good Day Alabama 5AM (HD, New) The latest news events of the day are examined by the FOX 6 News Team, along with business and economic updates, sports reports, weather conditions and traffic.
Good Day Alabama 6AM (HD, New) Local, regional and national news events are reported by the FOX 6 News Team, along with business news, sports, local weather conditions and traffic issues.
Good Day Alabama (HD, New) A morning newscast, features of interest in the Birmingham area, updates on sports, weather and current traffic are provided by the FOX 6 News Team.

The Wendy Williams Show (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Kristin Cavallari discusses "Very Cavallari," motherhood and marriage; makeup artist Delina Medhin discusses summer makeup trends; "Hot Topics"; "Ask Wendy."
Judge Faith Go DJ, Not My DJ (HD, TV-PG) A recording artist takes his business associate to court because of a bad music production deal.
Judge Faith Ex Money Pit; Brawl In Law (HD, TV-PG) A woman says that after loaning her ex-boyfriend money for his bills, he used it to purchase a new car instead; a man says he gave his brother money to move.
Judge Faith Dirty Lie; Bad Bad Leroy Brown (HD, TV-PG) Former roommates have a dispute over unpaid bills and destruction to their shared home; a producer is seeking payment for helping his artist.
Judge Faith Racoon Runaway; Garnished Godsister (HD, TV-PG) A tenant cites a raccoon infestation as the reason he broke his lease; four roommates have a dispute over a cable bill.

Zane Grey Theater Badge of Honor (TV-PG) A man returns to Crawford, Texas after the war and finds that his town has been taken over by a former confederate colonel; the man must stand up to him.
Zane Grey Theater Man on the Run (TV-PG) A man is lost in the desert and follows a dead mans horse, hoping it will lead him to water; instead what he finds is a young lady who wishes to run away.
Death Valley Days Sixth Sense (TV-PG) A blind girl plays a pivotal role in a search for robbers.
Death Valley Days Mr. Godiva (TV-PG) A reporter tries to amass a great fortune within only three days in order to win the hand of a business magnate's daughter.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Shoot to Kill (TV-PG) The new Governor of Arizona chooses a shoot to kill order by way of vigilantes to put a stop to the lawlessness due to the trouble in the state.
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Study of a Crooked Sheriff (TV-PG) When Old Man Clanton wants Sheriff Behan to keep Earp from arresting his men in Tombstone, Behan is caught in the middle after advising against a move on Wyatt.

A Very Brady Sequel (TV-14, PG-13, **+) The Bradys receive a surprise visit when a man claiming to be Carol's long-lost first husband shows up at their residence, the family question his motives.
Grounded for Life Mr. Roboto (TV-14) Sean goes overboard when he helps Jimmy create a winning robot for a science fair; Sean discovers that other parents helped their children too much as well.
Grounded for Life Don't Fear the Reefer (TV-14) Sean tries to cut a tree down and causes a blackout during the Super Bowl; Sean spots Lily holding a bag of pot, which he later learns came from his own closet.
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