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WBRC FOX6 News at 5pm (New)
WBRC FOX6 News at 5:30pm (New)
WBRC FOX6 News at 6pm (New)
WBRC Special Coronavirus: Facts, not Fear (New)
WWE Friday Night SmackDown (HD, New) AJ Styles defends his intercontinental title against Drew Gulak, and Bray Wyatt and Universal champion Braun Strowman continue their mind games.

« Edison Force (TV-14, R, **) Everyday scandals of the police are noticed by a journalist that is determined to depict the reality and he finds himself trying to survive.
The Game The Third Legacy (HD, TV-14) Malik meets his half-sister, and a tattoo makes him think they might have slept together; Tasha meets her ex's new wife, and sees a resemblance.
WBRC News (New)
In the Cut Priors & Engagements (Repeat, TV-PG) Angelique's recent actions cause Kenny to rethink his options; things go askew when employees of the local newspaper dig into Mabel's past.
Family Time Scrooge (HD, Repeat, TV-14) Tony, who isn't in the mood to exhibit holiday spirit, is visited by ghosts that help him recall how much, and why, he appreciates his loved ones.

Opry Anniversary Special Opry Anniversary Special: 60th Anniversary (Repeat)
Hee-Haw (TV-G) From 1970: Country musician Waylon Jennings, known for his 'outlaw' status and friendship with Willie Nelson, plus Diana Trask and Johnny Duncan are featured.

According to Jim The Tale of The Tape, Part 2 (TV-PG) Jim questions the foundations of his relationship with Cheryl when he learns the true origins of the blues tape she once gave to him.
According to Jim Charity Begins at Hef's (HD, TV-PG) Jim secretly enters Cheryl into a contest to win two tickets to the Playboy Mansion, and she opts to take Dana along with her instead of him.
Home Improvement It's My Party (TV-G) When Tim accidentally over-polishes the dance floor for Randy's party, it creates a dangerous hazard for Randy's guests, especially his girlfriend.
Home Improvement A House Divided (TV-G) One of Tim's friends moves into his aunt's house while she is out of town, but when a gas leak destroys the home, Tim allows him to move into the Taylor house.
Home Improvement The Naked Truth (TV-G) Marty and his wife come for a visit, and Tim accidentally sees his sister-in-law in the shower; Randy splits his pants while at a Bar Mitzvah.
Home Improvement Talk to Me (TV-G) Tim ends up on Jill's bad side after making a derogatory remark about her on his show, ruining dinner, and dropping her ring into the furnace.

Tales of Wells Fargo End of a Minor God (TV-PG) While embarking upon a stagecoach journey, Hardie and a talented gunsman must defend the passengers from a group of diabolical robbers.
Tales of Wells Fargo The Feud (TV-PG) Jim Hardie heads to Sam Brundage's property to negotiate a right-of-way passage for their stagecoaches, but first he must help Sam talk to his neighbor.
Tales of Wells Fargo Billy the Kid (TV-PG) After white men pose as Indians and kill the driver and guard on the stagecoach, Jim Hardie works to find the real killers before Billy the Kid gets blamed.
El Dorado (TV-PG, NR, ***) When an alcoholic sheriff is unable to stop the range war raging in his territory, he calls on an old friend who used to be a gunfighter for help.

Ax Men The Reckoning Part 1 (HD, TV-14) As the last week begins, Rygaard and Browning contend for the lead, Conner Aviation fights to survive, and a Pihl member is on the verge of being ousted.
Ice Road Truckers Highway Maggots (HD, TV-PG) The truckers hurry to finish transporting the rest of the equipment from the drilling sites before the ice roads have a chance to melt.
Shipping Wars Mud Bug Boogie (HD, TV-PG) Marc is transporting a trolley, but a storm and a height limit may turn his drive into a disaster; Jennifer contends with the Texas heat while hauling crawfish.
Shipping Wars Not with a Whimper but a Bang (HD, TV-PG) Chris and Robbie get sick before their trip, and Chris argues with the seller; Jarrett transports a racecar, but his payday is dependent on a deadline.
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